Overview Of Our Company

computer screenWeb Domain Solution is based out of San Diego, CA and provides web design, web hosting, Internet marketing services, as well as plenty of additional support for all kinds of companies. We believe that anyone who wants an online presence should be able to navigate their website with ease and make it accessible from any device. When we give a customer the necessary web tools, we then implement our Internet Marketing strategies to further increase their web presence and attract attention.

The strategies and dedicated staff of Web Domain Solution has helped many small companies increase their business. WDS works hard to make sure that any company who registers with our services will greatly benefit from the technology and business strategies that we offer.

Our Mission

Web Domain Solution is a one-stop solution for all your website and business management necessities. We have state-of-the-art software that is designed to consolidate, organize and prioritize your company so you have more control of your information, work more effectively, and quickly see the results. The competitive edge in business is yours with increased:

  1. FLEXIBILITY - Do business from anywhere in the world, from your bedroom to the bow.
  2. CONVENIENCE - Perform all of your business tasks from one online database system.
  3. CONTROL - No need for a Webmaster! Manage your own website content and keywords.
  4. PROFESSIONALISM - Solidify your online presence with a professionally designed site.
  5. TRACKABILITY - Stay on top of your site traffic with easy to understand graphs and analytics.
  6. COMMUNICATION TOOLS - Stay in touch and on top with client e-mails, call alarms, tickets.
  7. WEB MARKETING - Expert page optimization for top search engines, such as Google and Bing.
  8. E-COMMERCE ADD-ONS - Open an online store, sell products and manage your inventory.
  9. LEAD MANAGEMENT - Prioritize leads, schedule call alarms, and send bulk e-mails.
  10. VALUE - Save time and money. It's like having an admin, accounting, and marketing staff.

Our Goals

goalOur primary goal is to continually make our solutions for an expanding web-presence available and affordable for any client who desires more attention toward their business.

Another goal of ours is to ensure that any client can use and make the most of our Content Management System (CMS). When a client has access to the CMS we provide, they will be able add the content they want. If a client is unaware of how to add content or has any questions on how to operate their CMS, Web Domain Solution will be there to answer any question to keep their website up and running.

As we keep making our services available, we also wish to expand our ventures into other areas to bring further variety.

WDS Development & Design Team

Web Domain Solution is a website design and website development company run by Keith Covey and his team of professionals who are committed to helping all businesses grow and thrive online.

We help our customers build their professional web-based solution while remaining committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support. Whether you are in the market for a new website or if you are looking to give your old site a new look, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our WDS solution includes everything you need to get your business up an running online in no time. We offer Domain Name Registration, Custom Website Design, Web Development, E-Commerce, Graphic Design and much more. We look forward to working with your company going forward.

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