In order to give your company a much broader reach, you need an effective marketing strategy. WDS can provide your company with marketing techniques that will help your company's scope. Here are some of the marketing tools that WDS can provide you with with:

Social Media

mediaSocial media is used by more people than any other destination on the Internet and can part of your marketing strategy.  Social media is important in back linking to your website but it must have proper postings on your business page(s) for it to be beneficial. Although there are virtually hundreds of social media portals, focusing on the top ones should suffice.

In order for it to be successful, Social Media does require weekly, if not daily upkeep. You should post articles to your portals as often as you can and you should build your audience as large as you can.  Social Media is a great way to very quickly announce just about anything you want to your friends (likes), customers and business associates.

Most Social Media portals require you to setup a personal account first in order to create a business page(s).  For instance, in LinkedIn you first create a personal profile and then you can build a master (parent) business page.  Once you have a parent business page, you can create sub-pages for each of your products or services.

Media Broadcasting

broadcastingWhen you’re growing your business, broadcast media is a great asset in your marketing mix.  It may seem that the market is shifting to alternate advertising, but broadcast media should still be an integral part of your advertising budget.  As an expanding business, it may seem out of reach but with a media agency on your side it’s not overwhelming.

What is broadcast media and why should I consider it for my business?

Broadcast media is the distribution of video or audio content to a large audience and has been used to describe television and radio, but now also includes distribution of the same material through the Internet.

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