Website Design

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The service we offer is to give your business a custom built website that is up-to-date with modern web design standards. The websites we make are highly desired for being custom made, rather than being based on templates that sold by other web design services.

Not only can you get a custom built website, but you will be able edit your website with ease, using our easy editing tools that don't require programming experience. We provide the tools that you need in order to make your business Internet presence easy to manage and attract new customers through the use of a Content Management System (CMS).

Our Terms

Web Domain Solution is a one-stop solution for all your website and business management necessities. We have state-of-the-art software that is designed to consolidate, organize and prioritize your company so you have more control of your information, work more effectively, and quickly see the results in your bottom line. The competitive edge in business is yours with increased:

  1. FLEXIBILITY - Do business from anywhere in the world, from you bedroom to the bow.
  2. CONVENIENCE - Perform all of your business tasks from one online database system.
  3. CONTROL - No need for a Webmaster! Manage your own website content and keywords.
  4. PROFESSIONALISM - Solidify your online presence with a professionally designed site.
  5. TRACKABILITY - Stay on top of your site traffic with easy to understand graphs.
  6. COMMUNICATION TOOLS - Stay in touch and on top with client e-mails, call alarms, tickets.
  7. WEB MARKETING - Expert page optimization for top search engines like Google and Bing.
  8. E-COMMERCE ADD-ONS - Open an online store, sell products and manage inventory.
  9. LEAD MANAGEMENT - Prioritize leads, schedule call alarms, and send bulk sales e-mails.
  10. VALUE - Save time and money. It's like having an admin, accounting, and marketing staff.

WDS is easy to work with. Just log on to the WDS website at and sign in. Your entire database is here at your fingertips including accounting, management, point of sale and all business modules, giving you ultimate flexibility and remote access to all of your company's information.