Website Development

developmentUpon registering with WDS, our Design & Development team will assemble a website based on your specifications, as wells as any details from your previous website will be included. Your website will be laid out to be presentable to all potential clients. Our websites will include all the details that any website should display, including: how to contact your business, a navigation menu, an introduction of business, your logo, a contact form, etc.

If you're looking to go beyond the basics of a typical website, WDS can go the extra mile and include other helpful website functions. These include widgets for displaying updated information, a slideshow presentation for the front page, a photo gallery, a section to manage documents that you can write and email. These are only some of the services we can include.

For businesses that require having customers reserve a time and date, such as fishing charters, we can implement a calendar system that allows a businesses customers to book a service at a specific time and date. During the reservation process, a customer can then enter their payment information, which will generate an invoice.

Web Widgets

widgetWDS can implement special "widgets" in your website to further increase its functionality. An advantage of widgets is that they will continually update information without your direct input. Functional widgets that are used include translators, calendars, social media information, clocks, weather and many more. WDS can implement all kinds of widgets and add-ons that will give your website more appeal.

Mobile App Development

appsDevelopers get their motivation to build from a passion that is equal parts creativity and innovation, but to a certain extent, the bottom line to success is the bottom line. As CEO of HitFox Group Jan Beckers says, “Monetization is survival.” The best way to make sure that happens is to map a path to monetization for each app before it hits the market.

One of the first questions to answer is whether to put a price on the app or rely on in-app purchases, advertising or other approaches to generate revenue. As AppMuse CEO Mark Stetler noted last year, “The mobile app ecosystem is steadily trending to a point where the free mobile app is the rule rather than the exception.”

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