Databases and Business Functions


Web Domain Solution has been helping clients with easy-to-use functions and services for years with a high rate of satisfaction.

We help our customers build their professional web based solution while remaining committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support. Whether you are in the market for a new website or if you are looking to give your old site a new look, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our WDS solution includes everything you need to get your business up an running online in no time. We offer Domain Name Registration, Hosting, Custom Site Design, Web Development, E-Commerce, Graphic Design and much more. We look forward to working with your company going forward.

Our Management Tools for operating businesses include:

  • Database - Making changes to your website is a breeze! If you can type and add photos on Microsoft Word, you can make changes on your website.
  • eCommerce - Functions built directly into your website, making your online store up and running with ease.
  • Calendar - No more sticky notes, WDS gives you a custom calendar to set appointments or make call backs, with built in alarm dates, keeping your desk clean and your business organized!
  • Accounting - No more paper trails or multiple programs for managing your finances, WDS gives you the tools you need to manage all of your finances from within your CMS.
  • Reservations - Booking trips now made easy with WDS!
  • Marketing - Keep track of the people currently viewing your website and manage your marketing.
  • Email Blasts - Need to send a bulk email? No problem! WDS has you covered, by making bulk emails as easy as a couple of clicks.

Control Panel (CMS)

cmsContent Management Systems has become the standard for the majority of online businesses. Prior to the implementation of CMS's, any change that needed to be done to a website was a lengthy process. Even if it was ONE line being altered, the developer would have to do it himself, and it took some time. Our Control Panel offers a variety of benefits:

Our CMS gives non-technical users complete control over their website content. Content updates are of immense importance for search engine rankings. Before CMS, maintenance of a website was a frustrating task for businesses, as it required having a technical person with sound knowledge of HTML and programming to look after the updates. CMS has eased this process by empowering non-technical users to make simple changes.

Our CMS reduces the maintenance costs of websites for businesses. Our clients are in full control of themes, content, and display panels settings and can easily make amendments to them. This reduces the maintenance cost to zero and gives the flexibility to make changes at any desirable time.

Our CMS allows only a consistent layout for information like navigations, headers, footers, and meta tags etc. Inconsistent design may ruin your website. Basically, it minimizes the risk of errors.

Our CMS allows multiple authors to work on the content of your website simultaneously. It also helps to create search engine friendly pages. It segregates design and content, allowing web master to add keywords in the URL of pages.

Image Storage

image storage

WDS is making storing images easy and efficient.

Digital Cameras have not only changed the way photos are taken, but also the way photos are stored and shared. Using old hard drives and uploading images to your hard drive is okay, but are you comfortable with the thought of all those pictures you've taken of family, friends, special occasions, places and events being lost forever? That's the risk you run when they are not properly backed up and stored in a safe place.

Most people today have graduated from using old photo albums to sharing photos online from email to texting to social media sites. There are many ways to share photos but the fastest and most convenient way is online photo sharing.

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